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Angel Playground Shipping oversea market from decade ago, after 30 years of hard work ahead, has become one of the industry's largest companies in Kidsplayground equipment business. The company mainly produces outdoor and indoor children's play equipment, recognized expert in product innovation, quality control and assurance. Our products not only sale domestic, but also popular around the world. In Europe, North and South America, Southeast Asia, and more than 70 countries and regions. We are basically everywhere! You are welcome to consult for clients information which already installed our playground.

DeliveryProducing: Product leading time is 15-30 days (for 80% order). Custom Structures may take 25 - 45 days.
We will provide photos when shipping and 3D installation diagram.
Frame and plastic parts will be assemble and take photos for check
All pipes will mark with number on installation diagram.
All the plastic parts will be join well on the playground.
The hole will be drilled for conjoint parts (tube, Slide, bridge…
Tube slide keep joined as one piece if have enough space to loading it. Otherwise will be separate and marked.
In five days 3D installation diagram will be send.
Documents as packing list,invoice and BL will be send by DHL or do Teles Release.
Put same meterail parts together. Plastic parts with plastic parts, Pipe with pipe, Mats with mats....
Shipping Basics
We coordinate the transportation of playground equipment around the world. Shipping services are an important part of our business. Please make consult to our sales representatives for checking freight, shippping time before order.
  • Equipments transports by shipping or Train
  • Normally ships playgrounds in 20 ' or 40' containers
  • First these products arrive Ningbo port (China), Then leave for destination after 3-7 days
  • Shipping time: 15-60 days (depends on where)

Global Shipping Guide

General Shipping Information
  • No Pallent, Kids playground not in standard packages, Each packages in different shapes, Some packages may around 2.5CBM. The Maximum weight of singel packages is around 85KG.
  • Team lift unload: have 2-3 able bodied people ready to help.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to unload and propery store all parts.
Matters Need Attention When Container Arrived
  • Check container Number and Seal number to ensure that you have received the correct shippment.
  • Be careful to open the door of container. Mind any elements drop or topple down.
  • Inspect for damage: waterishlogged, broken crate, dents, scrapes, scratches, torn package etc.
  • Photograph all damages from different angles.
  • Check the contents of your crate against the packing list provided.
  • Report any missing pieces or discrepancies to us within 48 hours after
  • received.
  • Failure to report damage/missing pieces may result in denial of claim.
  • We reserves the right to select the most effective method of transportation and carrier for shipping the products and charge the customer for freight.
Matters Need Attention When Container Arrived