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Most outdoor Playsets are non-profit project for public, lack of proper management and maintenance. For that reason, lot of inquiry has been report for using playground equipment.Keeping playground equipment properly maintained is essential to the safety of the children who play there. A quality maintenance program has many benefits. The probability of injury can drop to 1% if frequency of maintenance can be done weekly.
Grass & Sand surface
For backyard playsets, Sand and Grass are fine, Because the frequence of using play equipments is quite low. For playground at school, public park, residential or church, we do not suggest such surface, The grass will destory after using of weeks, In autumn and winter will be no grass at all, only solid dirt. The problem of sand is small kids love to pile it up, that will be no flat flooring at all.
Rubber Pad & EPDM flooring
At most school, playground equipment have EPDM flooring. EPDM flooring have good looking, also can absorb impact quite well. For big park also.
For small park or Church, the rubber pad is good solution. Rubber pad are easier to install. even softer then EPDM floor. We suggest 5cm thickness rubber pad for big playsets.
Each year have lots playground-related injuries been report world-wide, Only in the United states emergency rooms treat more than 200,000 children ages 14 and yonger per year. Children ages 4-9 have a higher rates of playground injuries that occur at school or public park.
What you need to looking as below for regular inspection of playground equipment
Ground Level Check:
Any rocks or shape objects on floor
Any holes or on surface
Any bolts coming out or losse
Any clamps missing or loose
heavily worn moving parts such as swing
Any broken or cracked on slide
Does the structurs shake or losing blance
Upper Level Check:
Check rusted, worn, or corrodes metal parts
Check loose party such as pannel and door for slides.
Check fragile party such as glass on pannel
Check tightness of bolts and clamps
Check worn metal parts such as hook and chain
check missing parts, broken pillar and plastic.
Why Playground need Maintenance

Protect your business

Good maintenance will prolonging the lift you playsets, will keep you playground and surronding enviroment in good condition, in that way protect you investment Also good maintenance will cause no injury for kids, that way get you out of touble. Properly and timely maintenance will helps to manage risk and limit your liability even some injury does occured.

Protect kids

Kids like playground equipment a lot especially small one, They coming and enjoy the play time. properly maintained playsets will help minimize the risk of preventable injuries. It’s important to create a safe environment for all player.

Make better play experience
Playground sets take big role on childhood. Kids learn, make fridends during play, same time have physical training, adapt to team work and socialize。 The broken and unusable playground equipment cause children missing out the opportunity to grow healthy and happy.
How to Maintenance Playground
Children are not always deterred by broken equipment and in some cases, may even be drawn to it which is why it is important to repair or remove any potentially hazardous equipment or obstructions as quickly as possible.

Some problems are easily repaired like clean sharp object on floor and platform. tight up loose screw and fastener. Move party to right location and clean surface of slide to check scrach. Scrach on plastic parts like slide, pannel, and roof can be polish by knife or abrasive paper.
If some partys wear and tear is extensive even to the naked eye, or the functioning is compromised in a way of using, You need to replace such partys.
if that parts unsafeIf some parts of equipment are worn or missing and are not replaceable, you may have to replace the entire piece from the equipment.

It is important to always record routine playground inspections. Accurate and organized record-keeping is the basis of an effective maintenance program.
Angle Playgrpound Equipment do all possible way to make sure you have safety playground, reduce frequency of maintenance and injury
Seven Principles on Playground Equipment we Follow
Be fair, be smart, be safe, be active, be comfortable, be independent and be included are seven principles during we make playground design.
We believes that an engaging and exciting playset encourages imagination and creativity, promoting the healthy development of kids’ physical and creative potential. We design play environments where kids in all age can play, focusing on both physical and social aspects of inclusion.

We understanding planning a good playground from start to finish could be an overwhelming e ndeavor, so we created brief online guide to help you get the way of design, produce, quality control, delivery and after sale service. To make a positive experience during cooperation with us.
Our principles on playground design are based on the child’s perspective and have been tailored to what they want to feel and experience during outdoor play. Angel playground has set the industry standard in implementing these unique best practice principles and guidelines to create destination parks that are usable by more people, to the greatest extent possible. Our passion for inclusive play is infused through every aspect of our product development, programs, and playground designs to create truly inclusive and embracing play experiences for all. We brings outdoor play to a new level, increase child’s awareness of the environment and the world around them. Consult with us and give us the opportunity to service your commercial play sets.