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School Playground Production Process

From the main post to subsidiary pipe, LLDPE components to PE board, Fastener to Screw, Rope to Platform. Angel playgrounds protect your play structures by using high quality material. All parts are up to international standard with advanced machine and handcraft guarantee the best outcome of high quality. Best in kid’s playground equipment industry.

1 -- Powder Coatings for metal components

Angel playground using Hot galvanized Pipe with wall thickness 2.2-3.0mm, treat with degreasing, phosphate, throwing sand on surface, which can keep the surface full with homogeneous dots, after through electrostatic powder and height temperature curing coating. Even hammer heavy or scratch with knife, the paint will not drop out by pieces, because those dots on surface absorb the Powder of painting. There is how our “Major industry Sand blast Machine” work! This special power coat system for metal components will prevent fading, last longer and deter rust, provide additional corrosion and chemical protection along with added longevity to the color and gloss retention.

2 -- Handcrafted on curve, weld, drill and polish!

Angel Playground makes every playground special and unique. Playgrounds coming with life through the hands of our technician. Our quality inspector make sure all components be well connecting, with smallest gaps and smoothly edge which will not scratch player’s skin and cloth. All welding sport been polished before power coating.

3 -- Inner-Thread Connection System

Hardware like screw, nut and bolt are stainless and temper-resistant, bolt covered with plastic cap, so kids can not touch any salient point. Angel Inner- Thread connection system ensure a trouble free installation and provide the necessary strength to play structures. This durable and straight forward connection system saves time and assure displacement not happened.

4 -- Climbing Cables and Aluminum Connectors

Cables are using for climbing and crossing help kids gain balance and strength. Our cables make by polyester with steel reinforced cores, suitable friction force and size, comfort grab feel offer awesome exercise play attraction for kids climbing over, under, around and though our rope game. Kids are boring to be a climber, they love to spend their energy on our Climbing Tower, Cable Bridge and Cable Crossing program.
To provide fast and convenience installation, and most important prevent any hurt when kids move between the rope and structures, Angle playground using Aluminum connectors allow assemble at any angle with no unwanted twists. Because the end of cable is move able when do the assembly.

5 -- Zinc Alloy Fastener Connecting System

Fastener connect system are most advanced connecting method between main post and auxiliary pipe. Accessories like plastic panel, fence, handrail can attached free on assistant pipe. It is easy, precise and error-free fit on main post, it is convenience to replacement new parts. By skillfully apply on area of thrust surface, it is easy to adjust position on assembly and unmovable once screw tight.

6 -- Stair, Platform and Mounting System

Angel Playground non-slip platforms and stair are constructed of heavy duty punched steel with thickness 2.2mm can loading more than two tons, punching diameter 6mm up to EU standards. Rubber covering all over the surface, absorb impart of accidental falls. Stair and platform with self- contained screw hole, using 2-bolt per corner increase overall structure strength and stability, self leveling system assure the installation progress for faster and more precise.

7 -- LLDPE components

Please powder imported from Samsung, food-grad quality, through rotational molding rotational compound. Plastic wall with thickness 6mm, long wear and bright, vibrant colors. Our plastic components can hold up for 15 years. So far we have developed 14 different themes for outdoor play structures including Ocean, Pirate, Jungle, California, Fancyland, Tree house, Animal… Visiting design for more please!