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How Angel Playground Make Your Kids Play Center

Production Process:
Engineering department make installtion diagram to Installation Department. Design Department make components list to Producing Department. Quality Inspection Department follow the order and inspection before packing Delivery Department. recheck the list and loading.
Production Process:
Installation Department:
Installation Department:
1, Steel Fastener (steel one anti-rust) (Extra 8%-10% for spare) A, (All screw must already set up,with 10% extra screw)
2, Vertical pipe (Hot galvanizing anti-rust Dia48mm Pipe with 2.5mm wall thickness)(Extra 4-7 pipe for spare)
A, Must mark height of each pipe on installation diagram, must mark pipe number on two position(On 0.5m from bottom to top &top to bottom
B, All fastener must put on right postion and fixed directly on pipe (height equal with installation diagram)
C, Must packing by pipe number (A1,A2,A3..same serial number) (B1,B2,B3same serial number)…
D, All bend pipe must be test and trail install before packing.

3, Horizontal pipe
4, Plastic parts
(Galvanizing Dia48mm Pipe with 2.5mm wall thickness)
A, Installation diagram will show exactly which fastener on Horizontal pipe
B, Any size which is not 117cm must marked on installation diagram.
C, All pipe must cut according to installation diagram and packing by different length
D, All bend pipe must be test and trail install before packing
E, Pipe for spider towerand donut slide etc. must do trial install
G, Pipe for support tube slide and other cubes must packing together
(Made by Plastic poder from Hyundai with wall thickness over 5mm)
A. Must do trial installation and take photo. place on riaht postion for inpect the size and aap. If anv tube with slope must assemble soft pad on Fo vertical assembled tube must check if horizontal with platfoam, Add soft platform under it make sure in a line with platform.
B, Tube and other plastic slide must do trail install, So can make sure exit on right postion not blocked by any vertical pipe&passageway. (metalsupport should test and packing), Need mark from top to bottom by code S1, S2, S3..)
C, Helicopter, Square cube, train head, and all plastic parts with hard bottom need soft pad for protect.
D, Space Capsule, Helicopter, watchtower and all plastic parts which stretch out structures should have metal for support.
E, Any Plastic need open window or glass, the window should be assembled before packing, connecting ring should be assembled on.
F,Screw on right length, must be packing with 10% extra for spare.
G,Must have soft cover if no pannel on plastic entrance, Single slide over 140cm need soft platform under it (height adjust according to story height)

05,Fiber Glass parts
(We suggest using heavy duty slide)
A, Must do trial install to test height for entrance of slide, adust the height of platform in a line.
B,Must do trial install o measure the exactly length,make sure have soft pad for landing (Pad made by 2cm wooden+ 2cm foam+4cm
C, Inspecter must check color, workmanship, the cut open for support on pipe.。
D,Other fiber glass decration parts like tiger head,dragon head,monkey head must assemble pannelon and do support under it.
05,Fiber Glass parts
06, Woven parts
(Including platorm, Single plank bridge, Chain bridge, tunnel... all party which using woven material)
A, Woven platform must do surround pipe (only under bridge which kids not actually walk on do assemble by rebar and metal ring)PS: Chain bridge,cable bridge and other big hole bridge need extra woven platform under it.
B, For woven platform can not share one horizontal pipe, must do split- level with clean height 10cm+(woven platform assemble by rebar and come around can share same pipe)
06, Woven parts

C, Woven platform larger than one grid now allowed pipe go throught, pipe must be 30cm under. D, Chain bridge,vaulting horse,any obstacle related with rop check how to link as below diagram.
E, Must have soft pad to cover joint (on passage way and woven on horizontal pipe)
F, Tunnel using support from top by swing arm so can sway,Do not take support from bottom by half-expansion fork.

G, Any woven parts with irregularity shape need do trial assemble before packing.

07, Foam cover, Ribbon & Security net

Producing Department:
Platform cut round corner. (standard size 122x122x5cm)
2.0cm Environmental plywood(not the red one)+2cm foam+1cm sponge +1000D matt 0.55mmPVC+500D Shining 0.35 PVC on Bottom
A, Platform fixed with screw by four fastener.
B, Multilayer 2.0cm playwood is double crush resistance than the Red 1.5cm plywood
C.The 1cm sponge make the platform soft and excellent touch.
D,1000D PVC Fire-proof, This material with high strength of extension & Anti scrach. Matt make it Non-slip.
E,Irregular platform, Big platform, Triangle platform, transparent platform must trial install for inspection.(Using 10mm thickness Acrylic for 60x60 and 15mm Acrylic for big transparent platform

1, Decoration Board, Door, Spider hole, Windows (Must match exactly, lessthan 4mm gap) Need foam and sponge on both side

A, Must have Blank pressing if open for transparent purpose or simulate windows
B, The wide standard is 114cm, Over ground floor the height standard is clean level hight-8cm (for example clean height 140cm, window height 132cm, On ground level is clean height - 18cm)
2, Ball pit fence and other soft party with thickness Ball pit have 20cm thickness, for height over 60cm fence need and transparent parts at middle
Producing Department:
4, Soft Horizontal & Vertical obstacle which can rotation like water wheel, spin stool, swivel maze..
A, The height must be adjust by each order,for example vertical water wheel hight is level height-25 cm on level one and level height-15cm on other
B,Also need pay attention to the size,Single obstacle per row make size Dia 40cm, double obstacle in same row make size Dia 20cm
C, Horizontal obstacle must assemble metal sheet on both side(standard length 107cm)
D, Vertical obstacle must add bearing (bearing and support pipe must packing together)

5, Rainbow stair, Animal climbing stair, Rainbow arch bridge
Metal pipe should be assembled, Using 1000D matt PVC, Standard length as below.
Level 1 to level 2:
Story height:125cm,L= 261cm. Story height:135cm,L= 265cm. Story height:140cm, L= 268cm. Story height:150cm,L=272cm. Story Story height:170cm or more than 180cm,L=277cm(because need add starting platform)
Above level 2:
Story height:125cm,L=265.Height:130cm,L=267. Height:135cm, L=270. Height:140cm,L=272. Height:150cm,L=277. Height:160cm, Above stair and bridge must incluing one PVC rim with Button- holing (incase any fall of kids)

A, Must install from top to bottom by screw (mean the board on surface equal the maximum width), can not hold the surface board by clamp,using extra wooden support from inside .

B, Surface which kids possible to touch must cover with foam and sponge. C, Snap joint can not be see from outside and assembled in a line.
D, Fence over 3 pcs,before packing must marked with number as 01-02,02-03,03-04.…

3, Soft play set, two& three step stair, bench, soft obstacle... Stair using 1000D matt PVC, Soft play set and obastcle using Matt PU
A, Must install from top to bottom by screw, can not hold the surface board by clamp,using extra wooden support from inside B, Surface which kids possible to touch must cover with foam and sponge.
C, Any attachment on surface like climbing rock, holder must add gastet(Dia 3cm) and double deck nut

6, Ball for palm tree, Stab hanging seat, spiked bag, hanging balls for zipline
A, Above metioned product are using high frequency, and directly take the weight of kids or have bulge parts.
B, Using microfiber leather, reinforced zipper
C, Using Dia 16mm cable rope replace metal chain

7,Vertical obastacle&horizontal obastacle (obstacle which not movable)
A, Vertical board obstacle fixed by three pcs of long arm fastener
B,Verticla triangle obstacle fixed by two pcs of bothway long arm fastener, Screw must be embedded (installer must twist the screw out before
C,Horizontal obastcle which need fixed on platform have to embeded screw(installer must drill holes on platform for screw go through)

8, Cross obstacle, Punching bag, all kinds of hanging obstcle and rope.
A, Using elasic string or cable rope for connect. need tie knot on both side before fixed on pipe
B,Any metal fastener must not be see, if have to using bulge connector, must be cover by special made PVC.
9, Handrail for slide, doors for slide
A, For fiber glass slide on level one need made soft handrail
B,Roller slide and donut slide also need make soft handrail, must make sure the handrail match the length of slide.
C, From platfoam of slide to top with clean height over 100cm must have a door to protect kids walk to slide (only allowed kidscrouch and then slide
10, Pad for slide (10cm and 6cm pad for differnt use)
A, Made by wooden 18mm board+4cm foam and 4cm sponge, if slide land on platform not on ground then made by 18mm board+2cm foam+2cm
B, S-tube slide, roller slide, donut slide and all fiber glass slide need soft pad.
C, Must make extra platform if the exit of slide donot perfect touch on ground
11, Ball float machine, roller barrel and time travel merry go
Must make 20-30% bigger than standard size in China, because oversee kids more fat and tall.
12, Power-driven carousal
Need make a switch (for those which base no swivel)
1,Ball blaster area must surrounding with anti climbing net, at entrance and exit using PVC Curtain (so no balls can coming out)
2, For ball pit which inside play structures need do the same as ball blaster area
3. Pad for trampoline must pay attention to pipes, should have cut open avoid the pipe.
4. Pad for climbing wall need 10cm thickness and have hook at bottoom for hanging
5, Must be very careful to packing metal gate and cash counter, because the paint easy fall off
6, Shooting games need do test before shipping
7, Rainbow stair must have starting paltform if level height over 150cm
Handrail for slide, doors for slide
Statement on height of play structures.(The first level must be optimization on height in order to fully reflect the plavability) Special remarks to design department, Must double check the height of platform when select differnt slide, and must leave enough space on exit Make sure exit not block by any pipe or obastacle.