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360View for Kids indoor playground

Jennie Says:
what are the measurements you do? And what is the price for 50 sq meters?
Angel Playground Equipment CO.,LTD Says:
Usually 50sqmeters cost around USD8,000. any measurements you have, we can make customzied design, please provide the floor plan.
Kawe Seh Says:
Hi, I am interested in your product. Please send me more details:Could you offer me the best price?
Angel Playground Equipment CO.,LTD Says:
Thanks! Will send you process of how to start indoor playground, please check!
Steven B Dunlap Says:
Greetings!, I'm interested in partnering with your business Trampoline
Angel Playground Equipment CO.,LTD Says:
Thanks for contact,Pleasure to be your partner, please reply on email!
cameka mccrae Says:
What's the cost for the complete set? what size space do i need to complete this set up
Angel Playground Equipment CO.,LTD Says:
Nice day! All price online is our FOB price in US.Dollar, We are doing cusomtized playground, you need provide us the layout information.
Dcum Says:
Hi, I’m interested in your product.I would like some more details: What is the best price you can offer? I look forward to your reply.
Angel Playground Equipment CO.,LTD Says:
Hi: Infact the best price we can offer already show online. we will make new offer according to your play area.
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