Thank you for considering Angel Playground equipment Co.Ltd for your commercial playground supplier! Angel playground are combined Enterprise of development production and sales. There are modern production factory and office building more than 20000 square meters since 1994.
Now our production range are cover 24 series, Thousands attractive design! During these years, we makes the reach and invention bravely and improves the productions technology. The product has input beauty and function designing with the best characteristic of the combination of foreign and domestic style, Friendly and safe playground. All productions are made of nonpoisonous and environmental raw materials which have been tested and inspected strictly before leaving factory, All product has meet the safety standards for playground of CE, ISO TUV etc.
In this way! Angel playgrounds have earned the confidence of customer nationwide in playground industry. Children from 40 countries are enjoying our playground equipment as America, Canada, Brazil, Panama, Colombia, Holland, Finland, Sweden, Ukraine, Russia, Korea, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece, Singapore, Japan, Korea, AU, UAE........

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How to Choose the Right Playground Equipment? Playgrounds are created for kids to have play, run, climb and have fun. But it would be quite hard for them to do that without any playground equipment in the park. Kids always love to visit a playground, which is filled with different types of play sets like slides, playhouses, swings and climbers. If a playground is not installed with any play sets, children would probably not enjoy and do everything to avoid going to that park.

Kids get bored very easily. Knowing this fact, you should install some attractive and interesting playground equipment in your park so that they can play and enjoy with other kids. But before you decide to pick up the play sets for your playground, you should look for certain things.

Ensure that the play sets you are opting for are made of commercial grade material, be it plastic, metal or aluminum. Also, make sure that the playground equipment manufacturer has designed the play sets as per the guidelines defined by international authoritative certification like TUV EN1176

You should also make sure that the design of the play sets is in compliance with National Standard (CNS). Check that the corners and other pointy edges in the playground equipment that can harm the kids are properly covered. Hinges, railing and other anchors should also be installed in the play sets.

Besides, for any more information on how to formulate playground equipment plans, you can contact Angel Playground

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Indoor Playground

Indoor castle is our main product! Each design have unique characteristic and function. The original amusement products are made by hot galvanized diameter 48mm pipe. Supplemented with soft play sponge, ball pool, climbing wall, trampoline slide and other sports programs. We make unique design according to your commercial floor plan. When children entrance a theme indoor playground, they will fell like entering into a brand new natural world. There labyrinth, marine life, strange looking animal, virgin forest, ball pool. Exciting slide are natural physical represent. Children stay in this polychrome wold, Their Curiosity and exploring desire will be satisfied greatly, and their abilities of cognition, judgment and problem-soling will be developed completely and advance fully.

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Outdoor Playground

Outdoor Playground Equipment combining the entertainment programs with sport programs. Created a fantastic circumstances for Children when they doing exercise. All of our products use non-toxic, food grade LLDPE imported from Korea and America, the main pillar is made by hot galvanized 114mm pipe, the surface of the pipe is decorated with powder coating, the platform and stair are cover by soft rubber, the fastener and foot plate are applied with the technology of casting aluminum. Our quality keep conformity with the international standards. Children stay in this polychrome world.....

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Backyard Play

Innovative design and bright color-matching Environmental- friend and safe raw material Good quality and reasonable price Encourage your kids to be active outdoors. The backyard play will helps kids learn coordination and balance while they playing. Good design and function lets your kids enjoy the great outdoors all the times! Material (Different material is available at your demand) A. Plastic parts B. Post:Galvanized steel pipe C. Metals D. Fasteners Advantage 1, Anti-UV 2, Anti-static 3, Security 4,Environmental protection 5,Color is not easy to fade

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  • Hope all is well with you, just to let you know that I sent you some pictures of the playground. It is very, very nice. I want to thank you and to thank you all your people for your great job. I'm very satisfied with your product, Defenitely will we continue doing business with you.

    ----Claudia Baez-USA
  • I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your kindness, patience and willingness to help. You were here for us from the beginning to the end and advise if it was necessary. So one more time Thank you and I believe I will contact you again for another playground!

  • We have it all ready! Looks very nice! children are very happy withthe product!We will definitely recommend your company and will buy from you when we will be opening second playground! Thank you very much for your cooperation!


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